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Napa Valley's Variety of Soils & Climates

Napa Valley’s Variety of Soils & Climates

May 17, 2016 11:32 am Published by

Napa Valley and its winery’s different soils and climates. The Napa Valley is famous throughout the world for the quality of its wines. The valley proper is a long, smooth, saberlike curve, two to four miles wide, that runs from the foot of Mount St. Helena (not to be confused with the notorious volcano in Washington State) to San Pablo Bay. At the northern end of the valley is the town of Calistoga, 348 feet above sea level, and the geyser called “Old Faithful of California.” Here the soil is rich and volcanic. At the southern end is the port... View Article

The Basics of Wine Tasting

May 11, 2016 9:05 am Published by

How to taste wine When going to a wine tasting, dress well but comfortably. If you’ll be spending time outdoors, plan for the weather. There will probably be a tasting fee. If you find something you like, buy a bottle and you might save on the fee. When you take a glass of wine, be sure to hold it by the stem or the base instead of the bowl, so the warmth of your hand doesn’t heat the wine past its optimum serving temperature. Look at the wine before you do anything else. Hold it up against a white background... View Article

Cabernet Sauvignon is Great with These Meals

Cabernet Sauvignon is Great with These Meals

May 10, 2016 8:59 am Published by

Cabernet Sauvignon famous for its richness. With its bold flavor, the California Cabernet Sauvignon demands to be served with a good meal. A classic red wine with blackcurrant notes and strong tannins, the “Cab” goes well with wild fowl, red cabbage, aged cheeses, truffles, honey-roasted carrots or grilled red meat — especially venison, lamb or well-marbled beef. Try serving the wine at 14 to 16 degrees centigrade (57 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit) to get the full flavor. Evolution of the Grape For most of the 20th century, Cabernet Sauvignon was the most widely planted premium red wine grape in the... View Article

Visit the Napa Valley

May 4, 2016 12:10 pm Published by

Vacationing in the Napa Valley A vacation in the Napa Valley. A week exploring the Napa wineries. This is something worth planning to make sure it’s the best it can possibly be. The Napa Valley is known for cool mornings and warm to hot days, especially in the summer, so pack enough clothes for a range of temperatures. First, find a place to stay in the area. This probably isn’t a family vacation (children and wine tastings are not a good pairing) so look for a little bed-and-breakfast. There are many of these in Napa Valley, mostly vintage homes. As... View Article

Cave Tours of Napa

May 3, 2016 11:54 am Published by

Caves are great for storing wine One of the great pleasures of exploring the wine culture of Napa Valley is the cave tour. Caves, with their even year-round low but not freezing temperatures, have been recognized for centuries as excellent places in which to store and age wine in the barrel. Humidity, which would normally be the last thing you’d want in any kind of long-term storage environment, is ideal for the storing of wine. Because the barrel is not perfectly airtight (if it were, you’d have to fight a vacuum every time you opened the tap) a little wine... View Article