Customer Tasting Notes: Helge Glotz


I hope you guys are holding up well during this crazy times and your winery is running smoothly getting stared for the year 2020. To encourage you, I wanted to send you some tasting notes, as we (mainly my son and I) were killing time coupling food with your wines:

– The right bank is a wonderful rich and approachable wine with great hints of spices and it went perfectly with a Tuscan style beef stew with lots of tomatoes and thyme flavors. Right bank is homage to St.Emilion I assume, wonderfully made with the opulence of Napa grapes.

– The Cabernet Franc we drank over two days and were impressed how much it changes. First the ticking spicy notes in the nose including flavors like Lebkuchen and on the second day it went into the direction of dried fruits like prunes. We had it with cheese and an assortment of dried fruits and nuts.

– The Rose had a lovely balance and I was thinking of white peaches when I drank it. Which varieties did you use? It coupled perfectly with a Mediterranean couscous with veggies.

– Now the Cabernet Sauvignon Estate Reserve knocked us off our feet! Cherry and cassis in the beginning and then changing into many offer more ripe flavors. I went to Oxbow to get a 42 days dried aged rib-eye steak with it and we did not have any side dishes, just the strong but already approachable tannin’s and the flavorful grilled fat of the grilled steak.

What I generally really like about your wines is the perfect balance between a complex nose, strong body with fruits and perfect acidity and a defined but approachable tannin structure. And the long finish which remains recorded in our memory.

So, this should encourage you to keep on making these wonderful wines. My projects are all on hold, so if you need any help please let me know. I have nothing to do at the moment and could lend you a hand for a glass of wine!