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Understanding Wine Descriptions

Understanding Wine Descriptions

September 14, 2016 3:03 pm Published by

Things you hear at a wine club’s wine tasting. A lot of the wine tastings language you hear if you’re a member of a wine club and you’ve been invited to a tasting is easy to understand. If you’re familiar with the smell and taste of various fruits, vegetables and spices, much of the description of the aroma and flavor of wine will make intuitive sense. Some of these terms might seem not exactly food-related, such as “leather” or “crushed rocks.” Think of the smell of leather or wet cement, and imagine tasting that smell (taste and smell are closely... View Article

The Winemaker Experience

September 8, 2016 10:29 am Published by

Learning about the winemaker experience at wine clubs Joining a wine club means getting the chance to talk to real winemakers about their work. The winemaker experience is not quite like any other. The process of growing grapes may have a lot of similarities to growing, say, tomatoes, but being a winemaker means knowing your produce will be judged more exactingly, and delighted in more thoroughly, than that of any tomato grower. The winemaker learns the terroir of his or her vineyard — the precise microclimate of the area, the levels of sunlight and moisture that prevail at various points... View Article

Estate Cabernet an Expression of the Art of Winemaking

September 7, 2016 10:19 am Published by

Wine clubs and estate wines One good reason to join a wine club affiliated with a winery is to try an Estate Cabernet Sauvignon or other estate wine. An estate wine is a wine produced and sold where the grapes are grown. It is the type of wine in which the winemaker has the most control over the process, and in making it, the winemaker has the greatest opportunity to display the full extent of his or her skill. History of an Estate Cabernet Anderson’s Conn Valley Vineyards makes its Estate Cabernet Sauvignon from a blend of clonal varieties of... View Article

The Best Wineries Napa

September 1, 2016 2:05 pm Published by

The best wineries Napa and their wine clubs The best wineries Napa out of the 400 wineries in the area match the right variety of grape to the terroir (soil and climate) of their vineyard, tend the vines lovingly and harvest the grapes at the perfect moment. A lot of them have wine caves — in Napa, usually a result of engineering rather than nature, but just as effective at keeping the wine barrels in a cool and humid environment. Many of the best wineries Napa have wine clubs. If you join these clubs, you’ll be invited to wine tastings... View Article